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[ Foreign companies 1st time in Romania ]

We are specialised in accommodating international companies wanting to develop a business presence in Romania.

We provide high level communication consultancy to foreign companies, entering the local market and looking to build a strong presence in Romania.

We start from the market research on the industry niche, to specific integrated B2B or B2C communication strategies and tactics that help a foreign company get introduced to the key influencers in their business area, as well as to the press, to the local business community, to the key clients/customers and to the local community in general.

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We have been working with Confident Communications for many years now, for all the projects we developed in Romania, both in construction and real-estate. It was very important for us as foreign investors to have a PR agency that has a thorough understanding of our business and leverage our objectives to the Romanian stakeholders, being them our clients, our business partners or mass-media. Confident Communications is a pro-active and resourceful agency, able to independently manage complex projects.

Tomás Manjón, Co-founder @ Homing Properties, Spain

It was almost like magic: one day we got contacted by Confident PR with a partnership proposal and the next day we get an urgent request from our long-term Ukrainian client to help them organise a press conference in Bucharest, announcing their new representative office in Romania. At the time, we had neither media contacts, nor partners in Romania and here came Mara with her super efficient and professional team who organised the press event for us in less than a week, invited A-list media outlets, arranged several interviews with our newsmakers and in the end provided an exhaustive report. Wow! I could never hope for such a smooth and seamless cooperation at “first sight”:)

Galina Yatsura, International Communications Director @ Mainstream Communication & Consulting, Ukraine

To whom it may concern.

I am Zahal Levy, the President of MediHelp International.

I am Working with Confident Communications, serving our marketing issues of our company.

Mara and her team understand well business life, and they surely know how to put our business objectives into the  appropriate marketing and communications language, messages, and channels.

Confident Communications is made of individuals who are creative, fast and flexible in generating marketing and communications solutions to meet our management goals.

We highly recommend Confident Communications team!

Zahal Levy, President @ MediHelp International, Israel-Romania-Hungary-Poland

I was introduced to Mara at a critical time for my recently launched organisation. Looking just for some general PR advice and ideas, Mara has actually became extremely enthusiastic about the project and offered to coordinate a national campaign for Elis which increased the visibility of our organisation both at home in Romania and overseas. Through her strong network, genuine interest in our cause and passion for storytelling, Mara made it possible to talk about our initiative and plans for the future in top publications well-known at an international level, significantly strengthening our brand and impact.

Working with Confident PR and being advised by Mara was a fantastic opportunity that accelerated the expansion of the organisation and provided recognition that reached the community of Romanian global leaders. I am extremely grateful for her continuous support, high standard of professionalism and creative approach that she has been showing ever since our first conversation!

Thank you Mara and your team for believing in us!

Cristina Detesan, Founder & President @ ELIS, London

In Bucharest, where every business is competing for publicity, no one fights harder and delivers better than Confident PR. From crafting savvy publicity packages, to attracting the right media attention, Confident PR assisted our organization with high performing PR support.

A team of intelligent and dedicated publicists, Confident PR goes above and beyond for their clients. Now that achieving media coverage is more competitive than ever, having an effective, connected publicist in your corner is essential.

Confident PR is one of those rare PR agencies who has both talent and passion: they know how to shape a message to appeal to producers and reporters; tireless in getting the message out; and approach its projects with enthusiastic personal commitment.

Bottom line: they get results!

Caio Pezzola, Marketing Manager - International Business Development @ Gruppo AB, Italy