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[ Interview Metropola TV: ”Go for what you know, when deciding to start a business” ]

EN, News 27.04.2021

Mara Gojgar, the founder of Confident Communications, was invited last week at the morning show Dimineti cu Georgia, aired by Metropola TV.

After 10 years of entrepreneurship, she offered a few thoughts about what it takes to create a start-up:

  1. Between what you LIKE to do and what you KNOW  to do, go for what you know, when deciding to start a business.
  2. Ask yourself who are you building the company for? For your own needs, or for making life better for your clients?
  3. There is a great difference between being a specialist in an industry and running a business in the same industry. Being a great travel guide, doesn’t make you a great entrepreneur in travel industry.
  4. Bet on a powerful team, even if you earn less money, pay more for great professionals.
  5. You are not the company you run, for example, the money you make it is the company’s money, not yours 🙂

WATCH the video interview here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1I_7rjZsjYA&t=524s

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