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[ #ConfidentAdvice: How to approach the Romanian business media ]

#ConfidentInsight 16.03.2021

The business media scenery in Romania is a direct reflection of the Romanian economy, emerging and dynamic, with important outlets in online and print. We can talk about four segments of the business media.

  • Dedicated business outlets such as business magazines and dailies.
  • The economic sections of the general dailies, which cover issues with broader impact in society, often more related to the state of economy than to the business environment.
  • Trade media outlets, such as retail magazines or IT&C online publications, which offer a very detailed perspective of the respective industry.
  • Speaking about nationwide TV, the offer of economic or business shows is unfortunately More developed is the segment of live online shows of different publications, that have the advantage of the possibility to be watched anytime after the show was streamed.

Here are some tips&tricks coming from the PR & the Journalist side on how to engage efficiently with the business journalists In Romania.

THE PR SPECIALIST – Mara Gojgar, founder of Confident Communicatons

  1. Public agenda. Use the public context to join the conversation and give your specialist opinion. When there is a hot debate, media needs trusted voices to give their opinion.
  2. Newsjacking. Use the power of the breaking news of the day to inject your story and to generate media coverage and social media engagement.
  3. Speak figures and facts. Business media needs figures, if you are the secretive type and fear competitors will find out about your plans, then business interviews are not for you.
  4. When you don’t have topics to communicate. Create stories based on internal figures of your company (eg. percentage of clients buying certain type of products/services, trends and changes in your customer’s behaviour).
  5. Know the journalist. Read previous articles written by the journalists and link your topic to what they have previously approached. It is a sign of courtesy and interest in their actual work.

THE JOURNALIST – Fulvia Meiroșu, PR Manager & business journalist at Confident Communications

  1. Do your research. The fastest way to pitch your story to a journalist is to write your pitch as if you were that journalist. It is desirable to be very well informed about the sections of a website and the structure of each section.
  2. Target very well. You have to approach with different types of information the classic business journalists, the B2B journalist or the business TV journalist.
  3. Exclusive news. Would you like to bring joy to a business journalist? Offer them and their publication something different: a number, an approach, the first interview with a new member of the management team, an extra conclusion of a study you made etc.
  4. The 2 paragraphs pitch. Two paragraphs straight to the point are a much better than five paragraphs with non-essential things – at least in this phase of pitching.
  5. What is news for the PR department is not (always) news for the media. Many times journalists are not interested in what companies have in their PowerPoint strategy to communicate. The 20th anniversary of a company is a great moment for its founder, but why would it be a piece of news for a business journalist ?

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