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[ What can we all learn from a more mature influencers communication market ]

#ConfidentInsight, EN, News 31.07.2020

Although Vuelio’s influencers survey is targeting UK market, some information is suitable for all markets. Confident PR underlines key information in order to comprehend today’s communication channels.

With the global influencer marketing industry now estimated to be worth USD 5.5bln, and predicted to grow to USD 22.3bln by 2024 (according to 2019 research from Markets and Markets), everyone has a market to grow and a public to communicate to.

Bloggers, vloggers, Instagrammers, TikTokers and those with Facebook and Twitter accounts attract big brand collaborations with their followers based on loyal audiences. Everyone is online, both journalists and influencers, and although you can not compare the two content creators categories, they are both targets for the same digital budgets.

Vuelio’s influencers survey 2020 highlights:

1. Influencers agree that journalists are still more trusted and the recent pandemic crisis has shown that while influencers’ campaigns were put on hold, journalists and publications had more public

2. Influence grows as a legitimate career option

3. Only 30% of all influencers’ content receives some sort of compensation; most frequently undertaken paid-for activity is sponsored blog posts and sponsored social-media content

4. The vast majority believe that sponsorship disclosure is important (89%). There appears to be a strong agreement across the whole sector regardless of the size of influencer channel, number of unique visitors, social media followers or main platform used for content creation

5. Three-quarters of influencers are most likely to reject a pitch because of its lack of relevance to their audience

6. There are more female influencers than male influencers

7. Regulation is just as needed in influence as in journalism, while misinformation, mistrust and fake news are starting to be promoted by influencers, too

8. While commercial partnerships may have initially paused due to covid-19 crisis, traffic – to blogs in particular – has increased

9. The brand ambassador programme was reported as most likely to achieve the highest compensation

10. The research shows that five sectors make up two-thirds of the influencer area of interest: fashion and beauty; lifestyle; parenting; food; and travel.



Download Vuelio’s UK Influencer Survey 2020 here.

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