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[ Confident to communicate for Intermedicas Second Opinion ]

Media center, News, Press releases 02.04.2015



Confident Communications, a Romanian agency specialized in B2B communication, is handling the communication duties for Intermedicas, the first Romanian medical second opinion clinic.

Confident Communications will handle B2B and retail communication and will also shape Intermedicas’ social media strategy.

“At Intermedicas we were strongly attracted by the novelty element and, mostly, by the change they bring on the Romanian medical services market. If people living in Occident are already used to go to second opinion clinics to obtain complex medical solutions, to test a worrisome diagnose or to confirm a medical treatment, this kind of practices are made informally in Romania and finding out about doctors via word of mouth” – Mara Gojgar, Founder Confident Communications.

“We chose Confident Communications because we wanted an agency specialized in B2B communication and with expertise in niche services. The strategy proposed by Confident Communications folded on our needs to position Intermedicas on premium medical services segment, offering access to international and local medical expertise coming from doctors selected though a very serious process” – Ana Maria Marian, CEO Intermedicas.

Intermedicas has a network of elite medical partners with over 150 MDs and 70 state and private hospitals in Romania, Europe, Japan and US, reuniting over 20 medical specializations. It also created an unique program of Visiting Professors, with international renown doctors coming to Romania every month in order to consult Romanian patients.

The clinic also implements in companies the Personal Health Assistant program, created for the needs of Romanian and foreign top managers.

Source: AdHugger (2nd of April, 2015)

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