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[ The PR industry is still struggling to make itself understood and respected ]

News 15.04.2013

LivePR: Many young people dream of becoming PR specialists. That is why each summer, universities with such profiles have the most success. What do you think they find attractive about this?

Mara Gojgar: Communication is a knot for a variety of skills. For example, in the 12th grade I decided to go to college to study communication because I liked to draw and paint, I enjoyed writing essays, I liked interacting with people and also, dancing, foreign languages and psychology. I did not qualify for any other “clear” profession such as lawyer, doctor, economist.

Many young people are attracted to the glamorous part of this job and they’re disappointed when they actually face the essence of communication, a subject which requires a lot of discipline and sometimes even small, meticulous and repetitive things. In the journey from a creative idea to its implementation, you have to go through a lot of filters related to objectives, budgets, various unexpected contexts, all which are necessary when creating the scaffold and that flexible and resistant anchoring system behind the creative idea.

LivePR: All long-term relationships should have a beautiful beginning. How did your personal relationship with PR begin?

Mara Gojgar: At first, I applied to FCRP –SNSPA because I wanted to work in advertising. But after my freshman year, I was curious to find out more about written press, radio, TV, PR and marketing.

I’ve always thought that what life has reserved for you will eventually come, with a simple condition: you need to get out in the world and expose yourself to as many situations as you can – more importantly than thinking outside the box is getting out the box and taking action.

My first PR experience was in 2004 at PR Idea, one of the first PR fairs held at Sofitel. I was a volunteer at the entrepreneurial PR agencies booth for which I had to present the communication audit services. I got to that after someone posted an announcement on our Yahoo student group.

The fair lasted for three days and after that I wasn’t just a volunteer anymore, I got employed. The director of that specific agency had a brilliant character. He had studied communication in Japan and he had recently returned to Romania, he was a man of vast and diverse culture and at the same time very knowledgeable on how to make it profitable. He was the type of person who teaches you how  to fish, but he lets you get your own rod and even though he knows here the pond is, he will never tell you.

A year later I won a scholarship to study communication in Spain. At that time, I had a job in a media planning agency, the first and only job where I had to sit in an office all day and do countless calculations, a mix that was not for me. Each day that went by was becoming increasingly unbearable.

LivePR: PR Careers in Romania’s 2013. What growth prospects are expected for young graduates in the PR and communication niche?

Mara Goigar: Romanian PR has a lot of space to develop and it’s a place for real specialists. Unfortunately, lacking knowledge of this profession, makes many people believe they are good at it,lacking deep studies and preparation and in the absence of actual management of a client and business situations, it is not possible.

PR is still struggling to make itself understood and respected. Besides from multinational companies that come here with a culture in this regard and with budgets that can actually sustain integrated communication actions, middle (Romanian) businesses which are in so much need of such services, are still testing waters, they don’t know what PR is. Creating a reputation is not a familiar concept to these companies.

At the same time, we’re at a point where this niche is still undergoing adjustments, unlike in other countries where it’s a profession with years and years of tradition.

Source: LivePR (15th of April, 2013)

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